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Maintenance/Alimony Modification

Maintenance/Alimony Modification

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Life’s circumstances are always changing, and this includes financial circumstances.  Paychecks go up and down, jobs can come and go, and sometimes injuries occur.  At Basler Family Law our attorneys can help you modify your maintenance (alimony) agreement if your change in circumstances warrants such a change.  

Do You Qualify for a Modification?

In determining whether you qualify for a maintenance modification, you must first determine what type of maintenance award is in place. 

Contractual, nonmodifiable maintenance is set is stone.  The amount that is paid never changes even if your circumstances do.  The court no longer has jurisdiction to modify the maintenance that was ordered.  Therefore, you will not be able to modify the maintenance amount.  This type of maintenance award usually is agreed upon at mediation or through settlement negotiation. 

Non-contractual maintenance can be modified.  You are not contractually obligated to keep the amount of maintenance the same so, in some cases, it can be modified.  This is applicable even if the Court ordered no maintenance after it heard the issue of maintenance during the divorce proceeding.  

Modifying maintenance is not easy and you will need an attorney fighting for you.  If you think you have a reason to request a modification, contact our attorneys at Basler Family Law.  We can help you understand what options you have and the likelihood of a successful modification.  

Maintenance modifications involve a lot of details and you do not want to miss anything, or your motion will likely be denied.  Improve your chances of achieving your desired outcome by contacting Basler Family Law today.