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  • Chris was instrumental in representing me during a horrible divorce and years later with a contempt of court case from that divorce. His knowledge, expertise, and confidence took a huge burden off of my shoulders and he also got justice for me in… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris is a very compassionate human being and he is an amazing attorney. I had an extremely difficult, year-long case where my child’s safety was of utmost concern, and I would not have had such a positive outcome without Chris’ expertise and… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris did an outstanding job representing my best interests and never losing sight of the ultimate goal, regardless of the challenges posed by opposing counsel. He kept me on track and was able to take a challenging situation and guide it to a fair… Read Full Testimonial


  • Very passionate attorney who takes clients' concerns seriously. Chris is very experienced and knows his way around a court room. His excellent personality rings true with the judge and opposing counsel, and makes it easy to confide in him as… Read Full Testimonial


  • What was so impressive about Chris is that he listened to me. I told him in the beginning that I did not want a 'bulldog' that I wanted someone who was smart and that is exactly how he managed my divorce. Even though my ex-husband attorney… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris is very knowledgable about family law. He did an excellent job on communicating with me about my case and was always well informed as to what was happening. He is fair and reasonable. I would definitely recommend him to others that I know. He… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris was excellent at communicating his needs on my part, as well as responding to my various concerns and questions. While I understand that no case is typical, I felt the orders issued were fair and beyond my expectations. Chris was compassionate… Read Full Testimonial


  • Provided legal counsel for my divorce. Had to deal with somewhat an unethical attorney as opposing counsel Ray C. Chris is one of the most ethical Lawyers that I have ever known. His knowledge pertaining to family law and also the support of his… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris work with me through the most difficult time!! Divorce, I would recommend him to everyone requires an attorney!! Chris will put you on his back and carry you through!! Chris is good person, great lawyer and results were Excellent in my case


  • Chris , did an excellent job with my case . He kept me well informed . He made sure I will always be in my sons life !!! Greatly appreciated!!

    Johnnie M

  • Mr. Basler worked very hard to help me in my custody case. He always kept me informed either by phone or email. On one occasion I needed advice after "normal" working hours, and Mr. Basler returned my call. He made me feel comfortable… Read Full Testimonial


  • This experience has been one of the most emotionally challenging times in my life. I am so fortunate to have Chris representing me. Chris always looks out for me and the best interest of my children. With the help of Chris, I am the primary parent… Read Full Testimonial


  • Although we were not able to get custody of our grandson, it was not due to Chris's work. He told us going in it was an uphill battle and he was correct! But we were able to get valuable information that we could trust and we can never express… Read Full Testimonial


  • Chris is an excellent lawyer. He did a wonderful job handling my divorce case in a quickly and timely manner. I would absolutely recommend him for other seeking an honest and respectable lawyer. I would hire him again in a heart beat.


  • Chris & Lydia were great! I couldn't have asked for better help through a difficult time in my life. Kind, courteous and prompt with handling my situation. They went into great depth to help me and my girls have a brighter future. If you or… Read Full Testimonial


Areas Of Practice

Basler Family Law is Denver’s premier family law firm. We specialize in all aspects of domestic relations cases to best assist you and your family through this difficult time. There’s a lot of future ahead of you and we strive to make you and your family’s future as bright as possible.



Basler Family Law attorneys strive to ensure that any permanent orders regarding division of marital property or maintenance are both fair and equitable.

Child Custody/APR

Child Custody/APR

We will do all we can to ensure that your children’s best interests are represented every step of the process and in the future.

Parenting Plan Modification

Parenting Plan Modification

The attorneys at Basler Family Law understand that circumstances change, and parenting plans sometimes need to be modified. We’ll help you ensure that the new Orders are in the best interests of your child(ren).

Parental Relocation

Parental Relocation

Relocation cases are always difficult. We’ll ensure that whether you want to relocate with your child(ren) or want to ensure that they stay with you, you’ll be able to articulate why your position is in the best interests of your child(ren).

Dependency and Neglect

Dependency and Neglect

D & N cases are serious matters where you could lose your children temporarily or permanently. They have long lasting effects on your family. We will help you through this difficult process to ensure that you and your child(ren) are together and your lives are affected as little as possible.

Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification

Child support modification is a commonly disputed issue. We’ll ensure that any child support obligation is appropriate and that if there are child support arrears, they get paid with interest.

Maintenance/Alimony Modification

Maintenance/Alimony Modification

Life happens. When it does the current maintenance award might not be appropriate anymore. We at Basler Family Law ensure that your position, whether it be for an increase or decrease in maintenance, is reasonable and equitable.

Legal Separation

Legal Separation

There are times when a legal separation is more appealing than a divorce. Our attorneys can explain the differences between the two and help you achieve a fair and equitable legal separation.



When a party believes that Court Orders aren’t being followed, then sometimes they need to file for contempt. Our attorneys can help you during these highly contested situations and zealously advocate for why the other party is in contempt of Court or why you are not in contempt of Court, depending if you are bringing or defending the Motion.