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Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification

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We know that parents always want what is best for their child(ren) and to ensure that their child(ren) are properly cared for.  Sometimes the financial circumstances of one or both parents may change (i.e. loss of employment).  In some of cases, that might mean a child support modification is needed.  We work with clients throughout the process of modifying child support to meet the ever-changing financial demands of parenting.  

At Basler Family Law, our attorneys don’t just work for the parents, we also serve the children.  We represent their needs in everything we do and strive to create the best outcome for everyone involved.  That is why parents prefer Basler Family Law.  They know that our goals will always align with their child(ren)’s best interests.  

When Can Child Support be Modified?

Your child(ren)’s needs are constantly changing and your circumstances could be changing as well.  Colorado law allows parents to request a child support modification due to a “substantial and continuing change in circumstances.”  You can submit this change until the child is 19 years of age.  A modification is only warranted if the amount of child support would change by at least 10 percent.  Child support can be modified if there is a change in the parent’s income, for removal/addition of child care expense, or if there is a change in parenting time.  

How the Process Works

A request for child support modification will be filed in the same court that created the initial order.  Child support in Colorado is governed by either Child Support Worksheet A or Child Support Worksheet B.  

Worksheet A is used when one parent has 92 or less overnights.  With this worksheet, the number of overnights for the parent that has less parenting time does not affect the ultimate obligation.  Meaning, if a parent has 0 overnights or 92 overnights, they will pay the same amount of child support.  

Worksheet B is used when both parents have at least 93 overnights.  With this worksheet, child support will decrease the closer the parents get to an equal parenting time schedule.  

Each worksheet is an equation that has numerous factors.  The attorneys at Basler Family Law will get all the information together and file your modification request for you.  It is a good idea to hire an attorney.  A single mistake can hold up the entire process.  You want the change to go into effect quickly and efficiently, and our attorneys can help accomplish just that.  

You want your child(ren) to receive all the support he or she needs, both financially and emotionally.  Child support is the right of the child and financial pressure can be to the detriment of a child’s best interest.  At Basler Family Law, we are skilled at moving the process through quickly, limiting the emotional fallout involved in these types of cases.